Broken Crown

by Chris Bell

In Broken Crown, Chris Bell gives readers a fresh look at the ancient account of King Saul’s tragic reign and the valuable lessons it holds for us today.

No one looked the part of a valiant leader and courageous warrior more than Israel’s first King. But Saul’s impressive facade masked a dark inner reality that would ultimately lead to a tragic downfall. Although chosen and transformed by God to lead the nation, Saul refused over and over again to allow God to mold him into a man worthy to wear the crown.

In his first book, Bell examines the often-neglected story of King Saul and reveals how the inner struggles that led to his broken crown and kingdom are the very issues that threaten to destroy our lives today.

In Broken Crown, discover how to confront your own brokenness and embrace the life of wholeness and freedom found only in the One True King.

Church Scattered

by Dan Greer

In this intentionally disruptive book, author and leadership development consultant Dan Greer clearly depicts how the cultural forces of change are negatively impacting the lives of individual Christians and the mission of the church. In post-Christian America, the church is in serious decline and unless a transformational leadership approach is taken—both in our homes and in our churches—that trend will only get worse. While the message of our faith is sacred, Greer says, our methods are not.

In his new book, Church ScatteredChristianity for the 21st Century, Greer offers transformational truths and biblical solutions to the crisis we face as Christians and as the church. Christianity must become more about a people living on mission than a place to attend on Sunday.

The Way of Jesus: Covered in the Dust of the Rabbi

by Mike Megginson

Something has happened to the simple yet radical and profound movement started 2,000 years ago by a Jewish carpenter from Nazareth. A movement that appeared to be dead on arrival with Jesus’ crucifixion in only a matter of days became a movement that would change the entire Roman Empire in the span of just 300 years.

Mike Megginson helps us look at the world around us, and ask the hard questions. Has this movement that began as a roar become only a whimper of everything Jesus intended? Is what we see today the same movement that swept across nations, that shaped history, and for which countless faithful have given everything, even their own lives?

It cannot be. There has to be more.


40 Days with the Holy Spirit

by Chad Stafford

In 40 Days with the Holy Spirit, author and pastor Chad Stafford invites readers on a devotional journey to begin to cultivate a lifelong relationship with the Holy Spirit. Through historical insights, biblical imagery, and a deeper dive into Scripture, Stafford explains how this promised gift of an intimate friendship with the Holy Spirit is a game changer in the life of every believer.


Keith Glines


The ability to see the world clearly has always intrigued me. I love creating positive environments. Creativity mixed with purpose has fascinated me since I was a child. Social ecosystems are what I love to study and geek out on. The culmination of these things purposefully put together is what has led me to do what I do. See, my experiences have built the path I have learned to follow like a treasure map. So many of the things I’ve been able to achieve come from the curiosity to live a life worth telling about. My mother has been my greatest encourager. Growing up, she always told me there was nothing I couldn’t accomplish and I just believed her (thanks, Mom). So when I decided to take a camera and photograph the beach, hurricanes or jet engines, I did. When I decided that I could create social mechanisms on the web to publish and distribute books, I did that too. So if you want to know me, look at the way I live. There is no way on the planet I could live without the love of my life, my wife, Stephanie, my vivacious daughters Annabelle, Ava and Jane Addison, or my son Austin. Family first—everything else is just art.

I would love to connect and collaborate and, most importantly, see how we can work together to make the world a better place.

Stephanie Glines


Stephanie Glines is a wife, mother and all around boss lady entrepreneur who specializes in public relations and marketing, content creation, copy writing, and copy editing. With more than 15 years’ professional experience in the public relations field, Stephanie has worked with clients in a variety of industries including arts and entertainment, culinary, literary publicity, healthcare, environmental and construction, non-profit and political.

Believing that one of the bravest things a person can do is to share their story, Stephanie is passionate about partnering with individuals to bring theirs to life on a page.


Mike Megginson

The Way of Jesus: Covered in the Dust of the Rabbi

Mike Megginson is one of the founding pastors of 3Circle Church in Fairhope, Ala., where he currently serves as an associate pastor and director of the church’s pastoral care and local missions ministry. With more than 35 years of ministry experience, Mike is passionate about equipping the local church for missions and discipleship. Most recently, Mike and his wife, Sally, spent two years as full-time missionaries in Costa Rica where Mike served as an advisor and elder for Iglesia Casa Vida in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. It was on the mission field in Costa Rica where Mike’s first book found its way from pen to paper.

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Chris Bell

Broken Crown

Chris Bell is a dynamic pastor, visionary leader, and passionate teacher, with over 20 years of ministry experience. He is the lead pastor of 3Circle Church, a multi-site church along the Gulf Coast of Alabama, named one of the fastest-growing churches in America. Chris loves helping people understand and treasure the Bible, leading them to tangibly impact the world for Christ. He also enjoys speaking at conferences and coaching other pastors and leaders through the Courage to Lead network. Chris studied Theology and Communications at the University of Mobile and Luther Rice Seminary, and is honored to serve as a part of Leadership Alabama, an influential group of community leaders across the state. He and his wife, Nan, have three children: Gabe, Cooper, and Gracie, and love living in beautiful Fairhope, Alabama.

Dan Greer

Church Scattered

Dan Greer is a Christian leader who has spent more than fifty years pursuing his calling to make disciples in both the corporate and church arenas. Dan holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Seminary focused on Church Growth and Leadership and has thirty years of ministry experience at both high-level megachurches and church plants. In addition, he started an executive coaching and leadership development business for c-suite leaders in 2007. Dan’s passion to help equip believers to leverage every platform in life to reach the lost is what also fuels the vision for creating the Church Scattered network. Dan believes that Christianity in the 21st century demands that senior pastors work with their church corporate leaders to value the ministry of the Church Gathered and develop effective ways to take the gospel into the Church Scattered at home, work and in our communities.

Chad Stafford

40 Days with the Holy Spirit

Chad Stafford is the founding lead pastor of Coastal Church in Daphne, Alabama. A graduate of Central Bible College, Chad has more than 20 years’ experience serving in almost every area of church ministry, including as youth pastor in his hometown of Daphne, executive pastor in Atlanta and lead pastor in Bentonville, Arkansa. He and his wife, Jennifer, along with their son, Evan, returned to the Gulf Coast to launch Coastal Church in 2010 and to continue to pour into the community they love so much and feel blessed to call home. This is Chad’s first book.