Bo Don’t Know Me

by Fred Riley, JR.

In Bo Don’t Know Me, Fred shares some interesting insights into the ’82 season, along with some funny stories of the coaches and their locker room shenanigans and practical jokes. You’ll also get the inside scoop on how the Auburn staff prepared for the Iron Bowl. You’ll hear Fred’s perspective on Pat Dye, Bo Jackson, many of the Auburn assistant coaches of the day and his fellow GA’s. Along with stories of Fred’s childhood, his family and how he became an “Auburn Man.” It’s great…to be…an Auburn Tiger! War Eagle!

Spatula Success

by Pete Blohme

In his new memoir, Chef Pete Blohme shares his personal journey to becoming a professional chef and restaurateur, and how the philosophy inspired by one basic kitchen utensil has been the secret ingredient to his success – both in business and in building a meaningful, abundant life. While many of us spend our lives waiting and hoping for a lucky break to propel us into the future we’re dreaming of, true and lasting success doesn’t happen overnight. In Spatula Success, Chef Pete reminds us that it’s the seemingly small decisions and actions that, over time, lay the solid foundation for building a successful and fulfilling life. With wisdom and insight served up in signature Panini Pete-style, Spatula Success will challenge readers to embrace the spatula principle and dig deep to get the most out of life.

Seat at the Table: Recipes from the heart

by K J Bradford

This book is inspired by the many Sunday suppers I had at home gathered around the table with friends, sharing stories, laughs and good food. These recipes are a brief glimpse into those wondrous days that I will always cherish and hold near to my heart. I love everyone that allowed me to love through food and to be a presence for such times. There will always be a seat at my table for you.